Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Studio Chapter invites you to their 1st Annual GOOF OFF Trivia Challenge for Charity in November

The Studio Chapter in Los Angeles is hosting is 1st Annual GOOF OFF Trivia Challenge for Charity at the Disneyland Resort on Sunday, November 21st, at 1pm.

The Chapter has held an annual fun trivia challenge event at the resort for years, put together and moderated by one of its own members. The most recent moderator, David Ameeti, who was also the Chapter's webmaster, was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, and passed away early this year. In his honor, the Chapter has renamed the event after David's favorite Disney character, and dedicated it to be a fundraiser for charity.

Anyone is welcome to participate. The Chapter is asking that those who wish to participate pre-register, and make a suggested donation of $10 per participant. All proceeds for this year's event will be donated to a local cancer charity.

We will meet at 1pm at the Picnic Area located near the Mickey & Friends Tram stop just off the Esplanade at the Resort. The event itself will take place inside Disney California Adventure, which was David's favorite park, and where he was planning his last challenge in 2009. Admission to the park is required, and is not provided by the Chapter.

If you're in the Southern California area, we hope you will join us for a fun day at the resort, and contribute to a worthy charity at the same time.

For more information, and for a registration form, please e-mail: thewatertower@earthlink.net

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hi All,

Well our "Be Our Guest" speaker will none other than our very own Jim Korkis to talk about his new book, "Vault of Walt".

We will have a limited quantity of books on sale so I'd advise getting there early before they are all sold out.
The book will sell for $15.00 each

There are some ground rules though so that the maximum number of people can purchase a book.
  • One book per membership will be sold during round 1 (Members Only). Mike will collect the money and I (arlen) will keep a list of the purchases and how many books each person wants to purchase and those guests wanting to purchase a book.
  • After everyone has made their first purchase, those people on the list that want a second book, will be called in the order of their name on the list to prevent the last person on the list standing in line to get the first book from round 2.

This seems the only that is fair for all and for as many people as possible that wants a book can get one.

To make sure you continue to receive our e-mails in your Inbox (so they're not sent to a junk folder), please add worldchapter@magicalmountain.net to your address book or safe sender list

If you are going to be in the Walt Disney World Area around October, you won't want to miss the next World Chapter's Meeting. It will be a night to remember with our very special guest, surprises and of course our Live Auction!. PLEASE NOTE BELOW NEW LOCATION FOR THE MEETING!

Well we have a great meeting planned for you! And look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. Let's all try to turn out and show our support for our chapter (and don't forget your guests are welcome too so invite your friends to join us!) ....

The next World Chapter meeting for Disney Enthusiasts
IS SATURDAY, October 23, 2010!

Our "Be Our Guest" Speaker will be ....

Jim has announced his upcoming release of his first book about Disney history, The Vault of Walt. It will officially be released by Ayefour Publishing on October 3 The book is more than 460 pages long and is divided into four sections: stories about Walt Disney's life, stories about the Disney Films, stories of the Disney Theme Parks, and, finally, stories about out of the ordinary Disney history from the Mickey Mouse radio show of the 1930s to why the FBI was upset with Walt and everything else in between. Each section is composed of chapters that are self contained stories featuring anecdotes, quotes and facts that have never before appeared in print.

The book is called The Vault of Walt because these are the stories that have been locked away for decades, and now it is time to open wide the vault and share them with Disney fans.

The foreword to the book is by Walt and Lillian's oldest surviving daughter, Diane Disney Miller:

Some years ago, our son Walt brought to my attention an article on the MousePlanet Website. It was that rare thing; An honest, well-written piece that was so authentic, so true to my dad's spirit, so unprejudiced and non-judgmental that as I read it I could see the twinkle in dad's eye, hear his laugh.

I immediately wrote the author Wade Sampson a letter of appreciation. Some weeks later I received a reply and learned that Wade Sampson was actually the pseudonym of Jim Korkis, who worked for the Walt Disney World Company as a coordinator at the Learning Center and was well-known and respected as a Disney historian. Since that time I looked forward eagerly to 'Wade's' ongoing output, learning some things I didn't know, but always delighted with what he chose to write about and his obvious understanding and even affection for his subject.

Jim does not put my father on a pedestal, but he does like him, and I do not think that disqualifies him from having objectivity in his opinion of him. I find myself in the same position.
I am so pleased that many of his articles are now bound together in this book. Dad's personality, character and values are displayed in the selections Jim has offered here.
I have not hesitated to correspond with Jim whenever I think of something that might interest him, or to add some insights into something he has written about. Dad did not hide anything about his life. He loved to talk about it. But he never really talked about religion, and his feelings about prayer, and I learned from Jim's article how deeply these feelings went.
I look forward to his continued exploration of dad's life and times. Something interesting and illuminating always seems to turn up, some little event and angle that adds to the story of his very good life.
Diane Disney Miller
July 2010~

Jim Korkis is a professional actor and magician, a published author with hundreds of books and magazine articles to his credit and an internationally recognized Disney Historian whose research has been used by the Disney Company for a variety of projects. Jim was an animation instructor at the Disney Institute.

Jim tells the most wonderful Disney stories! A True Master Storyteller! So come spend an enchanted evening!

This promises to a very special night as we always have a few surprises planned as well!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to rising cost of renting a room, the annual membership fees have gone (first raise in over 5 years) and the door admission as well.
New Rates:
New Annual Dues are $20.00
Mailing newsletters remains $5.00 Annually
Member Door fee goes up by $1.00 to $2.00
Prospective Member Door Fee goes up by $1.00 to 6.00

NEW LOCATION: Thai Thani restaurant in Celebration
600 Market Street, Suite 110 Celebration, FL, 34757

Doors open at 5:00 PM
Registration starts at 6:00PM
Meeting starts PROMPTLY at 6:45 PM
(in case anyone wants to get dinner at the Thai Thani restaurant
BEFORE the meeting starts and REMEMBER to bring your 10% Discount Coupon, click on link below for it)
Let's all come out early and support the restaurant for having a great meeting space for us.

Admission: $2.00 for current NFFC Members, $6 Prospective Members.
Friendly Reminder: "Chapter Membership is now due"

For more information Contact us at: worldchapter@magicalmountain.net
Also visit the Magical Mountain.net for the official World Chapter Web Site and Forum at: http://www.magicalmountain.net/worldchapter/worldchapter.asp
or on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=events#!/group.php?gid=97542829314&ref=ts

"Somehow I can't believe there are many heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C's. They are Curiosity, Confidence, Courage and Constancy, and the greatest is Confidence. When you believe a thing, believe it all over, implicitly and unquestioningly.."
--- Walt Disney ---

Friday, October 1, 2010

October is giving back time for Nor Cal

Last year we started a new tradition for Nor Cal at the suggestion of our longtime member, Sue. Noting that we meet in one of the conference rooms of Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento, Sue had the great idea that we give back by making some Halloween gift bags for the children in the hospital's pediatric ward. We assembled boxes of crayons, pencils, stickers and coloring pages for 50 children. We also put a beanie baby in each bag, thanks to the generosity of Sue and her husband, Leo. Other members also donated small items for the gift bags. The feedback we received from the nurses told us that we were on to something big, so we are doing it again this year.

This is an inexpnsive thing chapters can do with a little advance planning. Crayons and pencils go on sale for next to nothing just before school starts each year. We paid 25 cents each for boxes of 24 crayons and pencils were about 5 cents each. Coloring pages can be done for the cost of photocopying, something that could be donated by a local business or a chapter member's employer. The rest is up to chapter members to donate.

By the way, we had a great time decorating and assembling the gift bags at our October meeting. Not only was it fun, we enjoyed visiting with one another as we worked.